Fc3s S4 LED Tail lights. Custom led boards.

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ATTENTION! THESE PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER. Expect a 2-5 week turn around

Professional grade circuit boards and components designed to withstand the harsh automotive environment.

The circuit boards are made to be an almost plug and play system. It uses the stock bulb sockets so there is no cutting of the harness.  The conversion requires some clearancing and trimming of the back housing to get the circuit boards to fit. I will need your tail lights to do the fitting.

The LED’s will be in a dangerous electrical system which can easily kill unprotected lights. All LED’s have voltage regulated circuits with diode reverse voltage protection.

Brake light brightness is a vital requirement so they use high quality automotive grade LED’s. They can easily be seen during the day even in the bright Arizona sun.


  • Brakes: Center of brake section filled with HIGH Brightness leds
  • Running: Perimeter Halo following outside of running/brake section.
  • Turns: Sequential animated bar starting from inner to outer section of tail.
  • Reverse: FULL White high output led panel

2x Optional Load resistors for Turn Signal Hyper flash fix

These are not certified by NHTSA and are for off road/Track/Show use only.


LED Kit, LED Kit + Turn Signal Load resistors, Send tails lights to AZRX7 for Installation, AZ Local Install