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This is a replacement led board for the OEM FC S4 Turn signal bulbs

The LED board Has an X made of leds for Running lights at half brightness and the turn signal blinks these leds at full brightness.

We recommend to install load resistors on the stock harness to slow the blink rate down to normal and then plug in the new boards. Then check that they are matching your blink rate speed. You can turn the knob to speed up or slow down the sequential rate to match. Once matched, you can glue the board in place.

Minor work is needed to install. Remove the front lens and then glue the boards in place. They are made to fit the contours of the S4 lenses, but gluing will help them from rattling around.

Important Note!

JDM cars have different for plugs! Pick the option for your plug type.

USDM – It is a single dual input plug (Two solder dots on the bulb base)


Type 1: Single input Turn No other bulbs in housing(You have to tap into your FTP for running light power) I will leave a long wire out for you to connect running

Type 2: Single input turn bulb(one solder dot on base) & small T10 running light bulb(small blade type connector)

Product includes:
2x Front Turn Signal boards (Plugs into factory bulb socket)
2x Load resistors (slow down blink rate with leds)

AZRX7 offers to do the install for you, but there will be a $50 Shipping & Handling return shipping charge.

Car Type

USDM, JDM Type 1, JDM Type 2