Nissan Skyline R32 LED tail lights

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ATTENTION! THESE PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER. Expect a 2-5 week turn around

Our Brand New R33 led SEDAN tails! (S1 tails, Haven’t had a chance to look at S2’s)

Optional look: Diffused or Raw LED Running/Brake leds
Some people prefer diffused leds and some prefer the direct raw look of leds so I’m offering these both ways for the running/brake circles.

Running lights: A Large Outer Red Ring

Brake lights: Red Inner Ring of high brightness leds

Turn signals: They are a Sequentially filled Yellow Leds that start from the inside and move to the edge of the tail. There is a speed adjust knob to match your cars blink rate.

Reverse: Converted to a cluster of White leds

Load resistors included to prevent hyperblink of the Turn signals.


Currently I do not have a write up on how to install. YOu bake open the tails like my other product installs, then unscrew the internal framing to get the Diffusing panels out. You then glue the led boards in place(I recommend a silicone adhesive for vibration resistance). Remember to scuff the surface for the glue to grab onto the housing. At this point you can choose to leave the OEM diffusers in place or remove them for more of a clear tail/Modern look.


For a DIY install kit, shipping is only $15.
I do not charge labor for AZRX7 to install. I just charge a $50 return shipping fee with in the US. I use Fedex to return all tail lights.


Diffused Brakes (DIY install), Diffused Brakes (Send your tails into AZRX7 for install), Raw Led Brakes (DIY Install), Raw Led Brakes (Send your tails into AZRX7 for install)