One pair of 6 ohm 50 watt Load Resistors & Tee taps

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  • One pair of 6 ohm 50 watt Load Resistors & Tee taps

Load resistors require to prevent “Hyper Blink” when converting to LED lighting.

Non LED systems use a specific style of turn signal circuit that bases the blink speed on the watts used by the lightbulb itself. This also serves to act as the “bulb out” warning when the watts are too low or non existent(as in blown bulb).

LED’s by nature consume very little wattage. This causes the blinker system to flash quickly and show the bulb out warning.

Load resistors correct this by burning off extra wattage to bring the stock system back up to the original power consumption. The trade off is you’re not saving power and the shunting of power through the resistor causes heat generation.


This heat generation can be a problem if used for extended periods of time. On turn signals it is not much of an issue. They are not on for long periods of time and are pulsing. Still, take caution when mounting these as if left on, they can easily melt low temperature plastics or wires that touch them.