Nissan Skyline R32 LED tail lights

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ATTENTION! THESE PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER. Expect a 2-4 week turn around

Our Brand New R32 led tails!

These tail lights are fully retrofitted with a brand new Circuit board and High Quality Automotive LEDs.

The pattern is a series of 3 LEDs radiating out from the center.

Running lights will be at about half brightness. There is a small adjust screw on the backs of the boards to help even out their brightness and increase or decrease them as needed.

Brake lights are the same LEDs but turned on to full brightness.

Turn signals have been incorporated into the Large Main Lights using the Diode Dynamics Tail as Turn module. The Tail lights will now blink instead of the small square in the center of the tails. This leaves them open to being used for extra lights OR possibly relocating your tail lights to the existing turn location!

This module can be left out at buyers request.

Load resistors included to prevent hyperblink.


Currently I am recommending I doing the install as I have not written up a DIY kit how to. If you want AZRX7 to instal for you, then shipping will not be charged at the point of check out! I’ll contact you about sending the exact shipping fees back to you once you send them to me(what ever it cost you to send to me..)

The circuit boards must be epoxied into the housings. The wiring is plug n play with the stock backĀ  pack which has the OEM bulb slots. No cutting of wires is needed.

If you wish to do the install yourself contact me and I’ll explain the process. It isn’t that hard to open these tail light housings.



DIY Kit, Send your tails into AZRX7 for install