Nissan Skyline R32 LED tail lights

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ATTENTION! THESE PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER. Expect a 2-5 week turn around

Our Brand New R32 led SEDAN tails!

Change your tail drap and dim stock look to bright and defined AfterBurners!

Running lights: A Large Outer Red Ring

Brake lights: Red Inner Ring of high brightness leds

Turn signals: They are a Sequentially filled Yellow Leds that start from the inside and move to the edge of the tail. There is a speed adjust knob to match your cars blink rate.

Reverse: Converted to a cluster of White leds

Load resistors included to prevent hyperblink of the Turn signals.


Currently I am recommending I doing the install as I have not written up a DIY kit how to and it is not a “bolt in” kit. You will need to Glue the boards in place.  The wiring IS Plug n PLay and will connect to your stock Bulb panel.


For a DIY install kit, shipping is only $15.
I do not charge labor for AZRX7 to install. I just charge a $50 return shipping fee with in the US. I use Fedex to return all tail lights.

The price difference is due to the website doing a $15 flat rate shipping, so for AZRX installs I bump up price by $35 to hit the $50 shipping total.


DIY Kit, Send your tails into AZRX7 for install