Controllable RGB Underglow LED Strip kit (Side Skirt)


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Every LED is controllable in these kits! Uses a Bluetooth Controller to switch between specific colors and animations. No need for a remote. Your phone controls the leds.

This kit requires wiring. The led skirts strips are provided with waterproof connectors with open end on one side to make your own wiring from the skirts to the controller&power supplies. It is highly recommended that the controller be installed inside the cabin, away from the engine bays heat.

Mounting depends on your vehicle. We used epoxy to mount to the skirt. JB Weld or other UV resistant epoxies should work.

It is highly recommended that you use a fused power wire from the battery. The leds can draw up to 12 AMPS. Stock illumination wiring may not be able to handle the power needed.

This kit includes:

  • 2x 65 inch controllable waterproof RGB LED strips.
  • 2x strip power supplies
  • Bluetooth Smart Phone Controller
  • Flying lead waterproof connectors