AZRX7 // Arizona LEDs

AZRX7 & Arizona Leds

Hi guys, I’m slowly getting the site put together. If you want more up to date info check me out on Instagram @AZRX7 or on Facebook

If you’re interested in the S5 LED Tails, I’ve changed my production method to “Made to Order”. I may periodically have some sets already made, but expect a 3-4 week turn around for orders. The time frame is long due to the circuit board production. It can take a week to make them and then another week to be delivered to me. At that point, it takes me a few days to assemble and solder them together.

I will be rebuilding the Shopping system so you can purchase them in this fashion, along with the Custom designs.

If you have any questions or want a special design for your car email me at the address below.